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Your choice of a shelving system will determine how organized your home or office is. Shelving helps you store similar items in a systematic way without wasting space. Space has become a precious commodity in today’s compact living spaces. Hence, you should be wise in choosing warehouse shelving systems for your home or workplace. warehouse shelving systems There are six common shelving systems for you to choose from. These are fixed bracket shelving system, built-in shelving system, floating shelving system, corner shelving system, top hung shelving storage system, and free-standing shelving system.

Fixed bracket shelving system is a great way to save floor space because the shelves are suspended. They come in the form of a single bracket or multiple brackets to form a shelf. Metal or wood brackets are attached into the wall. Pins are used to support them. These pins can come in various colors and can serve as a décor as well. It is ideal for displaying collections and other small items that might get broken or destroyed when kept in one storage place with other bigger items. Bracket sizes can vary in sizes, depending on the items to be stored on them.

Built-in shelving system is one way of making use of space that might have remained unused. For example, it can be placed below or over cabinets or on corners where a piece of wood can be placed. The shelves can be made in a shop and fitted later in the space where they should be placed.

Floating shelving system is called as such because the shelves look like they are floating on walls. This is because their support is hidden; unlike in fixed bracket shelves where the pins and brackets are highly visible. This type of shelving system can be pieces of wood attached to a wall individually. They can be arranged to form geometrical shapes, which adds to its decorative value. To make them more attractive, they can be painted or varnished. Only small items can be displayed such as small picture frames, tiny porcelain tea sets and a collection of small figurines.

Corner shelving system refers to storage placed on corners which are actually spaces that are seldom used but if you want to maximize space, you can easily add corner shelving systems. Laminated or engineered wood can be made into well-designed corner shelves where you can keep some items that you seldom use but do not want to get rid of. Books, toys, and shoes that have been outgrown already can be placed in this storage space.

If your home has sturdy walls that would never give when heavy objects are hang from them, then you can use top hung storage shelving system. This shelving system has metal parts which are mounted on the walls. The shelves and droppers hang from these metal sections. This shelving method is only applicable in homes or buildings with sturdy walls. If there is enough space, free-standing shelving system is the most ideal. The shelves serve double purpose. They can be storage as well as decorative. One advantage of having this type of shelving system is that the shelves can be moved easily from one place to another. They can be in various sizes and colors.

Now that you know the different shelving systems, you should be able to decide how to choose one for your storage purposes. Here are the things to consider when choosing a shelving system.

Strength of Materials Always consider the strength of materials used. For example, if your wall is made of light materials, you cannot have the top hung storage shelving system. The wall may break when the mounted shelves become too heavy with stored items. If you have enough space, you can use free-standing shelving system because the shelves will not be mounted or placed on the wall. The same is true for floating shelving system, where the shelves are mounted on the wall.

Floor Space

If you have enough space, it will most convenient to have free standing shelves. The shelves can be placed in strategic areas or rooms in the house. They can easily be moved so that if you will transfer residence someday, you can just load them to the moving truck. The shelves can be painted so that they match with the color scheme of the house. You can have huge shelves for storing big objects and small ones for storing smaller items.

Items to Be Displayed

Your shelving system is also dependent on the items that you want to store or display. Books can be best stored on free standing shelves or on built-in ones. Small items can be placed on bracket shelves or on floating ones while pens, books, and other school supplies can be placed on hanging shelves. Old things like shoes, toys, and books can be placed in corner shelves where they cannot be seen much but can be easily found when needed.


Before starting to have a shelving system made, plan first where you want them located. Take measurements to make sure that the shelves will fit on the areas where you want them to be placed. It will be a waste of money to buy shelves that cannot be installed because they are too big or too small for the room where you intended to place them. Consider the Color Scheme of Your Home. Your shelving system should match the color of the wall and floor of your home. Installing one that looks out of place can affect the ambiance of the room and its aesthetic value. Remember that shelves become part of your home so they should easily blend with their surroundings. Choosing the right color and design can make your home look beautiful.


Price is an important consideration. Always look around first before grabbing one despite its outrageous price. Stick to your budget. Making rush decisions can affect your financial situation so be careful. If you can do it yourself, that will save you lots of money.

It is very important to plan first before buying your shelving system. Consider the things listed above before shopping and you will be able to have the most cost effective and efficient shelving system.